Hidden treasures
Places of sense
Places of sense – My first dahliagarden 2
Eiland 10
Eiland 9
Places of sense – Flying trees
Eiland 7
Family tree
Laat me weten dat je er nog bent
Longing, imaginairy conversation
Mapping my surroundings – Cactus
Mapping my surroundings-Oleander & lightlines
Mapping my surroundings
Mapping my surroundings-Oleander 2
Places of sense – Childhood in Amsterdam
Semoea baik? – Alles goed?
Shifting Landscapes – onderwegtekening Bialowieza
Shifting Landscapes
Shifting Landscapes 2
Talking trees
Your blood is my blood
Eiland 1
Eiland 5
Eiland 4
Growing home
Kabar baik?-Hoe gaat het?
The choices you make dictate the life you lead
There’s a place I like to go
Both sides now
Eiland 2
Eiland 6
Eiland 8
Eiland 3
Places of sence – playground
Surviving souvenirs